Even when the descriptor files of dependency managers tell us a lot about a project, it's dependencies and techniques that have been used, it is sometimes hard to overview the project and what is going on inside. To simplify the process of getting into a project, you should provide a proper documentation of your project.

Project Documentations are written in Markdown language and saved as a README.md that is located in the project root of every project. We don't want you to write novels, just provide a rough breakdown of your project.

Use this template for creating a basic README.md but feel free to extend this once

# README Template

A template of README best practices to make your README simple to understand and easy to use.

## Installation

Quickly describe how to install your project and how to get it running

1. Install Node dependencies

        npm install

2. Install Bower dependencies

        bower install

3. Install Composer dependencies

        composer install

## Usage

Here you can write any kind of things that help others to use your project. Feel free to add as many aspects as you like. Here are just three examples:

### Build Process
If there is anyhting special about your build process or things that others have to take care of, write it down here

### Deployment
Since some projects follow a special kind of deployment, you should provide a proper description on how to deploy.

### Cronjobs
If you project is using cron jobs or any other automated scripts you should describe their functionality here.

## Support & Ownership

Feel free to ask [Roland Lösslein](info@weaintplastic.com) if you need some support when there are any questions left or if you need some support.