To get an overview of the current status of your database, Phinx provides a command status that tells you exactly which migrations you've already executed and which ones are available for execution. To get the current status of you database execute the following statement in your command line:

php vendor/bin/phinx status

This statement will output somehting similar to the following table:

Status  Migration ID    Migration Name 
     up  20141219115236  FeatureBlog
     up  20141219134559  FeatureCotactForm
     up  20141219134639  HotfixLightbox
   down  20141219134721  FeatureCareersApi
   down  20141219134850  FeatureSocialFooterMenu

This overview tells me, that my database already migrated changes up until HotfixLightbox, and that there are two migrations available to be executed. In order to bring you database up to date you should follow the instructions in the chapter on Upgrade your Database.

More information

You'll find detailed information about the status command in the official Phinx documentation: