I prefer a development environment, where every developer is able to work on his own sandboxed local server with the tools they are most comfotable with. A sandboxed development environment will reduce the risk of influencing or destroying other developers work. You will have full control on the configuration of your server environment plus full access to any logfiles you'll probably need during development and debugging.

Good reasons why you should work on your local environment

  • independent sandboxed environment
  • no risk to collide with your co-workers
  • full control on the configuration of your environment
  • full access to server log files

To work in a local sandboxed server environment, you have plenty of options. You can either work with a preconfigured server sandbox like Xampp on Windows or Mamp on Mac OS that is pretty easy to install and handle and provide you with a fully working server stack right out of the box. If you prefere more control over you server environment you probably should try out Vagrant. If you are working on a Mac, you can also use the natively shipped Apache.